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If you bought a vehicle online or are planning on purchasing a car from another state then you are probably considering shipping your newly purchased new or used car across country from the seller to your local city or town. There are a lot of reasons you will want to ship your car. If you just bought this new or used car, truck, SUV or motorcycle then you are likely trying to limit the number of miles you put on the vehicle just after you have purchased it. You can simply drive your new 2015 Toyota Corolla, 2015 Chevy Silverado, or GMC Yukon Denali but if you bought a motorcycle you may not be planning on riding your motorcycle cross country away from the seller or dealers lot in a different state thousands of miles away from your destination.

Whether you are in need of Auto Transport Services in your local city or state, need to ship your vehicle across the country with a Reliable Car Shipping Company, or if you are considering shipping your car overseas to or from Alaska or Hawaii than you will want the best price to ship the automobile. Not every person shipping a car has bought their car from another state. Even if you are moving to another state in the United States you may not want to drive your car. When you calculate the cost of a plane ticket, the total cost to ship your vehicle, the stress you eliminate, the one less thing you have on your moving list to worry about and the miles you avoid adding onto your car it really makes sense to relocate your car by shipping on a carrier.

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Below is a list of five most commonly incurred expenses you should account for when you’re considering driving your car across the country to move a vehicle on your own:
1. Hotel Stay – There will be the average cost of $100.00 per night to stay at a hotel during your cross country road trip. (some road trips can take over one week)
2. Fuel Cost – You will need to pay for all of the gas needed to drive your car from one state to another state. (this cost can vary depending on vehicle & mileage)
3. Food & Beverage – Eating your three meals each day on your trip will cost an average of $50.00 to $100.00 per day (depends on # of travelers & dining choices)
4. Wear and Tear – Driving your car cross country adds mileage that takes a toll on your vehicle and often requires costly service & inspection. ( avg. cost $100.00)
5. Mechanical Issues – A flat tire may not be a big deal but consider the cost to repair your vehicle when it’s broken down in an area with very few places for service. (often customers that choose to drive their car will break down and need to have their car towed or transported to a reliable and trusted auto repair service)

Most people shipping a vehicle across the United States on open and enclosed car carriers are usually transporting a car for one or more of the following reasons:
Military Base Relocation
• Automotive Purchase out of state
• Auto Auction Shipping Service
• Moving a vehicle to a new home
• Job Relocation Auto Transport
• Snowbird Car Transport
• Bought a new home or vacation condo
• Seasonal move to a warmer climate
• Bought or sold a car online
• Classic Car Transport for Collectors

How Much Does Shipping a Vehicle Cost?
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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Vehicle?

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