Auto Transport Brokers vs. Car Carriers and Car Haulers

All too often you hear that it’s better to get a  Car Carrier directly than to use the added services of an Auto Transport Broker. The myths that you hear really seem to make sense when someone tells you that a broker might charge you more to transport your vehicle because after all they are just a middleman and the Car Carrier is the only one physically moving your car. There’s actually more than just fees involved when it comes to the professional relationship between an auto transport broker and a car carrier.

Believe it or not it does take less time to use a car carrier directly and it’s true moving your car directly with the carrier does cut out the broker and their fee. Unfortunately for car shipping customers what you save in time dealing with carriers direct you lose in money because shipping a car with no broker usually means the carrier has already or will charge you more. Car Carriers charge you more because you contact them expressing your need. Auto transport brokers receive lower industry rates than Carriers give a customer directly because they find carriers that need your vehicle to fill the space on their truck. Auto Transportation Brokers access discounted vehicle shipping rates through a number of resources only available to transport companies which allow them to locate trucks with available space for your vehicles to catch a ride from one location to another. Since brokers fill the empty space on trucks traveling all over the United States and throughout the world they can usually ship your cars anywhere.

Sometimes customers calling brokers will get frustrated when they ask about the brokers charges for their services because they have the misconception that they could get a better rate without the broker. You should really wonder, Why do Brokers exist?

Aside from just being a middleman you might hear that brokers are scams or that they just charge your credit card and take your money without ever providing a service. It may come as a huge shock to  you but a lot of brokers are actually in the car shipping business just to charge your card and take your money. Thankfully most of the shady auto transport brokers and carriers have service that matches their poor online customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback so they often are easy to pick-out of the rest. The bad apples will usually over-promise to meet your deadlines and special requests and they will either under-deliver or never get your car delivered for you at all.

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What is an Auto Transport Broker?

An auto transport broker is a type of cargo broker that specializes in the shipping and transportation of vehicles. Most vehicles shipped in the U.S. are cars and trucks, but many brokers handle boats, RVs, motorcycles and other types of vehicles as well. Auto transport is commonly classified as “specialized freight trucking”.

An auto transport broker is part of the personal vehicle freight business industry chain. The individual or business that needs to move a car or other vehicle is the shipper; the shipper contacts a broker, who issues a price quote to the shipper, then finds a carrier, which is the individual or company that actually employs drivers and operates the car transport equipment.

Brokers are a convenient choice to ship your vehicle because they have nationwide access to multiple resources, where they can perform the requested job by finding carriers that have transportation resources in the area. Auto Transport Brokers can also get lower shipping prices by getting competing bids from different car carriers. However, brokers and carriers are not always separate entities. A number of auto transport companies handle both the brokerage of vehicles for shipping and the physical transport of the vehicles. There are companies that operate as Car Carriers and act as Auto Transport Brokers as well and most of these auto shipping companies tend to claim to be better than brokers because they transport all of your cars with their own trucks, when in reality they are brokering your vehicle to another carrier but just not telling you upfront. Brokers will find you lower prices and as part of there job they will always screen the driver or carrier they provide to ensure safe car transport.

What is a Car Carrier?

A Car carrier is a trailer that can be loaded with new or used cars for delivery to private customers, auto auctions, new homes, and car dealers.

Are Open Carrier Car Shipping Services the most affordable?

Open Carrier Vehicle Shipping: The typical USA car shipment is often on an open car carrier. Open air transport is the cheapest service available when shipping your new, used or current vehicle. Most auto moving customers in USA choose an open trailer shipping service because of the safety, security, and cheap price. Open Car Carrier auto shipping services may be the cheapest transport service available to ship your vehicle but that does’nt mean that you sacrifice safety or quality. Our open vehicle transporters are fully licensed and insured to better protect you and your automobile

When should you choose Enclosed Auto Transport Services?

Enclosed Carrier Transport Services Shipping cars on closed trailers adds even more safety with hard-side carriers. Are you a snowbird interested in the safe and simple shipment of your vintage collector vehicle? If you have a classic, antique, or exotic automobile you should consider using our secure Enclosed Auto Transportation Services for the added peace of mind and additional protection for your vehicle. There are not as many cars that fit on an enclosed truck and even fewer closed car carrying companies because of lower demand. Find certified truck drivers now. Stop trying to save on Enclosed Car Shipping Services and ship your car direct now. Get your car shipped with total peace of mind for less today.

How Do you ship a car Overseas?

Shipping Cars Internationally and Auto Shipping Overseas The international shipment of a car requires a little more time than standard USA vehicle shipping services. When you get your car picked up by your  assigned certified truck driver you will need to remove all of your personal belongings. The car carrier will pick your car up from your door with the truck and deliver your car to the shipping port that your vehicle is leaving from. After a thorough inspection your car is put on the ship and sent to the port you will be waiting at for your vehicle to safely arrive to you.

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