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Have you noticed some fake review sites popping up out there. There are review sites that are privately owned and managed by some of the most deceptive businesses in the auto transport industry. A red flag that an auto transport review site is bogus or fake is if for one they don’ t provide some sort of phone number to contact them or they are not an actual business but a privately registered website with not a crumb of credibility. Wouldn’t it be scary if the reviews you were told to read by a company were outright lies. STOP!!!!!!!!! There are a lot of sneaky sales people taking advantage of unsuspecting customers by using fake reviews on company written review sites to scam you out of your hard earned money.

For example:

If you see a review for a company and it appears to be a real negative customer review you should be thorough when questioning who owns that site and where it came from. If you are reading a review for a company and see that the website hosting the review says that the company you are reviewing has zero reviews, STOP??? How could there be zero reviews for this company when you are supposedly reading one of zero reviews. Liars will go to great lengths. Truthfully the best way to avoid unethical transport businesses is to look at a trusted review site that is well known. The crooks will always try to steer you away from the legitimate site like Transport because they are probably rated very poorly but honestly on the real review site, Transport Chances are if you have not heard about a site it is a scam and you should run away. Thankfully, the auto transport industry isn’t totally full of crooks with an honest review site like Transport on your side you can count on the reviews your reading to be real. At Transport customers can leave real reviews and read real reviews. The customers that have previously reviewed a company can in most cases be directly contacted by e-mail to respond about there feedback for that particular company. There are even ways to help an unsatisfied customer to find a desirable resolution to their complaint. Wow doesn’t get more legitimate than that. Thank you for existing Transport

Truthful Transport Inc. supports Transport and tells every customer the truth that Transport is the most trusted and credible vehicle shipping review site available. Visit our profile at Transport to help you in your search for the right auto shipper. The site is clearly owned by a reputable company that you can call and the owner maintains the site under very strict guidelines to ensure that the reviews that are left are real, fair, and helpful.

Truthful Transport Inc. Reviews – Truthful Transport is rated five out five stars at the trusted source for auto transport reviews.

Truthful Transport Inc. Reviews

Dan (03/13/2012) – “Truthful Transport Was Great”

Customer:  Dan

Date:         03/13/2012

Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc.

Subject:    Truthful Transport Was Great

Our car was shipped enclosed from NH to FL after we bought it on E-bay. The car came to us clean and just like it left NH. Our driver Ivan was very nice. Michael Dowdy was the man I talked with at Truthful and he was very good at keeping us informed. I have used some of the major carriers in the past and Truthful Transport was as good or better at a much better price. I needed to ship my 67 Camaro across the U.S. and first took the low cost quote from another company. After nearly 2 weeks, no pickup. I called Todd at Truthful Transport. He quoted me a current market price to get my car shipped in a hurry and by the end of the week it was picked up and on the way. I should of called them first. Todd understood my desperation and got the job done period. The transport company chosen was very professional and pick up and delievery was easy. It was on time and a relief. I would use Truthful Transport again for sure. Thanks, Dan

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