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“When I first started looking into moving my 2008 Infiniti-G35 I was extremely concerned with all of the horrible stories I had been reading online. Truthful Transport Inc. helped keep me completely informed and at ease the whole time. Nicole was always available to help me when I had any questions. The biggest reason I chose this company to ship my car was the way that the friendly staff sounded when I spoke with them. I spoke to several companies to move my car but none was as friendly and professional as Truthful Transport Inc. If I ever have to move my car again I will save the stress of getting all of the annoying calls and e-mails and contact Truthful Transport Inc. directly.

Thanks again Nicole for all of your help.”

Subject: “Don’t Waste Your Time Call Truthful Transport to move your car!”

Customer: Steven

Company: Truthful Transport Inc.

Truthful Transport Inc. Reviews

Subject: Truthful Transport Inc. – ” Service over and above expectations” !

Reviewed: Truthful Transport Inc.

I purchased a Dodge Dakota from a dealership in Coconut Creek, Florida. After comparing costs to fly down and drive the truck back to Ontario or ship it, I decided to arrange to have the truck shipped to Michigan and then import it myself into Canada. After reading all kinds of various negative reviews about shipping companies, I was seriously having second thoughts when I came across the reviews for Truthful Transport which were all positive. After talking with Nicole and Todd I was a lot more comfortable and contracted them to ship the truck. The Dealership received a certified cheque on Monday July 11 and I signed the contract for shipping on Thursday July 14th thinking it would likely take up to a week for the truck to be picked up. Nicole called later that day informing me they had a carrier lined up that could pick the truck up later that day or Friday the 15th. I called the dealership to verify that the truck was clear to be released and was told by a salesman that everything was good, to go ahead and book to have it shipped. Nicole also called, as did the driver of the carrier and again the salesman said that the truck was good to go. The Driver arrived the next day on Friday to pick up the truck and after waiting 45 minutes was told that the truck was not going to be released due to a problem with the cheque. At this point I thought I was going to be on my own since Truthful had done their job. Truthful Transport kept working on arranging to have the truck shipped and waited for the dealership to figure out funds (apparently since I was from Canada, the bank put an automatic 10 day hold on the cheque). Nicole contacted me on Tuesday the 26th and informed me they had another carrier actually waiting for my truck to be released and that she had contacted the dealership but the truck was still not ready to be released. After putting some pressure on the dealership they finally gave the release on Wednesday the 27th. The truck was picked up on Thursday July 28 as promised from US auto transport. The driver Mike (who by the way was very pleasant), contacted me to tell me the truck was on its way on Friday and he called me again on Monday to arrange pickup for later in the evening .The truck arrived as promised in Port Huron ,Michigan ,clean and damage free. So the bottom line is after having a very bad experience with the dealership I feel that Truthful went above and beyond to help me resolve issues with the dealership and eventually get the truck shipped. Nicole and Todd kept me informed with numerous phone conversations through this whole ordeal and I was always able to reach them.  They were very understanding, professional, friendly and helpful.

Thanks again. Nicole and Todd !!!!!

Sincerely, Mike Kennedy.

Are you searching for the latest news for Truthful Transport? There are plenty of shipping services to get your vehicle across the country, but few that stand apart.

Did you know that every company whether a carrier or broker uses the services of others. Choose Truthful Transport Inc. for auto shipping service you can count on to simply and safely move your car nationwide.

Most customers believe that if they choose a car carrier over a transport broker then they will save money and time because “they have their own trucks”. Some brokers will even tell customers that they are not brokers but rather a car carrier just to tell the customers what they think they want to hear. The reality is that if you choose a car carrier to move your vehicle directly without the use of a reputable and truthful car shipping service you will more than likely be overpaying for the transport of your car.

Truthful Transport provides clear and simple auto transport and car shipping service seven days a week. With a preffered network of nearly fifty thousand auto movers we make shipping your car across the country for less a safe and simple process. Whether you need to ship your car locally, nationwide or overseas we provide all the details up front to make the process of moving your car less of a process for you. There are a lot of companies that can help you move your car but few that provide exemplary and personal car shipping service that compares to that of Truthful Transport.

We take your business personally. Whether you are moving cars,trucks,motorcycles,suv’s or boats we can help you move your vehicle accross the country quickly and safely. When you need friendly and helpful service to ship your car simply call Truthful Transport toll free at 855-744-7878. Don’t waste your time trying to ship your car let the professionals at Truthful Transport ship your car now.

The customers of Truthful Transport auto transport service are better informed with our helpful information.

Truthful Transport The transport you can trust


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Truthful Transport Inc. explores every auto shipping customers horror story of comparing auto transport quotes to get a vehicle moved from one state to another state. There are several sites that offer outlandish promises to make your auto shipping service cost you 50% or even 80% percent less when you request quotes with the site being advertised. When we heard about this we couldn’t understand how a company with no legal authority to even arrange the transport of your car or the authority to transport the vehicle you are moving could make such unrealistic promises. After hearing from customers that have attempted to use the services that  “compare quotes” Truthful Transport Inc. has learned that the majority of the customers using this quote comparing service were frustrated and annoyed. Most customers explained to us that the extensive number of phone calls that were being made and the barrage of unwanted e-mails cancelled out any chance of quality and honest service. When customers decided on a company they were often unsure what to believe because so many companies that they had spoken with had engaged in scare-tactics. The purpose of a company using this misinformation or scare tactics is to push fearful customers into using their service by suggesting that bad things will happen if they don’t ship with their company. Some companies that contract shipments to other truck drivers will go so far as to even claim that they own their own trucks and everyone else your talking to is just sub-contracting your vehicle to an actual Truck Driver. This is the worst lie of all:  “We have our own Trucks we are a carrier”. The actual driver that is assigned to pick up your vehicle is almost never the same company that you contracted to ship your car with carrier or not. Why are their car shippers and car carriers? There are car shippers to provide the much needed personal customer service to the customers that are shipping their cars. In addition to the customers needs the car shippers provide the logistics that the more than fifty thousand car carriers need in order to simply and safely move your vehicle across the country.

If you are still wondering why it is so difficult to ship your car across the country STOP !!! Let us help you call us toll free now at 855-744-7878.

Truthful Transport Inc. is making nationwide auto transport service better every day. If you want to ship cars safely for less Truthful Transport Inc. can help. Truthful Transport Inc. has representatives available to handle your auto shipping needs seven days a week. Truthful Transport can help you move your vehicle securely and on time. Truthful Transport is not your average auto shipping company. We know our company name is bold and quite a claim to make in the auto transport industry and that is exactly why we chose the name. Truthful Transport Inc. provides only the best in auto transport service to every customer. Whether you’re shipping your car locally, across the country, or overseas to or from Hawaii or Alaska the trusted staff here at Truthful Transport Inc. is here to help you move your car simply and safely. Call toll free for direct and truthful auto shipping quotes now at 855-744-7878.

Truthful Transport Inc. works hard to provide the best possible auto shipping service for each customer seven days a week. There are companies that go so far as to try to confuse our customers with misinformation to get them to click on their paid advertising links. The idea that a company that has no authority to even ship your car and is just selling your information to other companies seems pretty scary. We don’t sell your information here at  Truthful Transport Inc. we are simply and safely moving your car. If you have shipped your car before and tried to compare auto shipping quotes you probably know what were talking about. The annoying phone calls and harassing e-mails are enough to drive you crazy. STOP wasting your time and call Truthful Transport Inc. directly at 855-744-7878 to simply and safely ship your car nationwide now.

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